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Lecture 7- circulatory function cont'd

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Why is calcium considered a membrane stabilizer?
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Makes it more difficult for Na+ to enter the cell membrane.
What pathological changes result in cardiac dysrhythmias?
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Alterations in cardiac conductin/rhythm that can potentially interfere with heart's pumping ability r/t: Altered automaticity Altered conductivity Reentry mechanisms
What predisposing/causative factors lead to cardia dysrhythmias?
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congenital defects or degenerative changes in conduction system (scar tissue due to MI or infection). hypoxia/ischmia/injury fluid/electrolyte imbalances effects of drugs (medications can change the refractory period.
What is the difference between absolute refractory period and relative refractory period.
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Absolute- no action potential no matter how large teh stimulus. Relative- only action potential if large enough stimulus.
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