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Leadership Management TheoriesLeading and Managing in Nursing-4th ed.

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What are the 4 guiding principles of conflict resolution?
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Put the focus on the interests Build in loop-backs to negotiation Build in consultation before and feedback after the negotiations Provide necessary motivation, skills and resources
What is a loop back related to negotiations?
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Allowing an avenue to return to negotiations. Ex: Allowing for a cooling off period before reconvening after a failed negotiation session, or reviewing the consequences of failure to arrive at an agreed resolution
Meeting with staff after a conflict to learn from the situation and to prevent it in the future is an example of what principle of conflict resolution?
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Allowing for feedback after negotiations (3rd principle)
A _________ specifies the desired sequence of steps that have been designed to achieve clinical standardization.
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Process of Care
Managers maintain __________ of clinical system functioning.
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the spirit
What are Bleich's 9 tasks of management?
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1. Identify the systems and processes over which the manager has responsibility and accountability 2. Verify minimum and optimum standards/specifications for staff to achieve 3. Validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of available staff, capitalize on strengths, and stregthen areas in need of development 4. Devise and communication a big picture plan for the division of work 5. Eliminate barriers/obstacles to work effectiveness 6. Measure the equity of workload and use data to s
What are Bleich's 9 tasks of Followership?
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1. They are individually accountable while working within the context of an organization, doesn't change work to benefit self, including taking short cuts 2. Honors the standards and specifications required to deliver acceptable care/service 3. Offers knowledge, skills and abilities to accomplish task at hand 4. Collaborates willingly with leaders and managers, avoids passive-aggressive or nonassertive responses to work assignment 5. Includes datat collection as part of daily work activ
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