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40) When the agent-host-environment are balanced ______ is maintained.
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40) Health
41) The health-illness continuum is one way to measure a persoin's ________.
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41) Health
42) The health-illness continuum views health as constantly (changing/staying the same).
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42) Changing
43) Who developed the high-level wellness model?
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43) Halbert Dunn
44) How is the high-level wellness model described?
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44) As functioning to one's maximun potential while maintaining balance and a purposeful direction in the environment.
45) T/F Dunn differentiated wellness from good health , believing tha tgood health is a passive state wherin the person is not ill.
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45) True
46) Wellness is defined as:
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46) A more active state, oriented toward maximizing the potential of the individual, regardless of his or her state of health.
47) The processes that are a part of each individual's perception of his/her own wellness sate are:
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47) Being; Becoming; Belonging; Befitting
48) T/F Dunn's model encourages the nurse to care for the total person with regard for all factors affecting the person's state of being while striving to reach maximun potential.
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48) True
49) The health belief model is concerned with:
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49) What people persceive or believe to be true about themselves in relation to their health.
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50) The health belief model is based on these three components:
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50) Perceived susceptibility to a disease; perceived seriousness of a disease and percieved benefits of action
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