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Critiquing Nursing ResearchFoundations of Nursing Research-5th Ed.

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How can you determine whether a source is a primary or secondary one when looking at the reference list at the end of a journal article?
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If it is mostly journal citations, they are probably primary citations. If it is mostly book chapters and literature reviews on certain topics, they are probably secondary
What would you expect to see in the references list of research based on another theory or conceptual framework?
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The name of the theorist
What are the 12 Guidelines for Critiquing a Literature Review?
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1. Is the literature review comprehensive? 2. Is the literature review concise? 3. Does the review flow logically from the purpose(s) of the study? 4. Are all sources relevant to the study topic? 5. Are surces critically appraised? 6. Are both classic and current sources utilized? 7. Are paraphrases or direct quotes used more often (should be mostly paraphrasing) 8. Are both supporting and opposing theory and research presented? 9. Are most of the references from primary sources
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