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Problem Solving as ManagementLeading and Managing in Nursing 4th Ed.

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What are the most common quantitative tools used for decision making?
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Decision grids and payoff tables
______ facilitate the visualization of the options under consideration in a decison making process. They allow comparison of the options using common criteria selected by the decision makers.
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Decision grids
_______ are a decision making tool that requires a cost-vs-benefit relationship of the options to solve a problem and the probabilities of certain outcomes using the current and historical information available.
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Payoff tables
________ is when a conscious decision is made to do nothing in order for the individuals involved in a problem to arrive at their own solution.
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Purposeful inaction
What is the most common reason for failure to solve a problem?
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Inproper identifcation of the problem/issue
What are the four M's under which work problems commonly fall?
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Manpower, Methods, Machines and Materials
What type of diagram is useful in categorizing the potential causes of a problem?
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Fishbone/cause and effect diagram
In a fishbone diagram, what does the head, large bones and small bones represent?
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The head is the effect of the problem, the big bones are major categories of causes and the little bones are issues that contribute to the main causes.
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